Hirshabelle Mps Demand Sacking of Finance Minister Over Mention of Churches In Tax Exemption

Regional Finance Minister Mohamud Mohamed Abdille found himself I trouble after he mentioned the church to be among religious institutions to be exempted from taxation.

A drafted taxation law presented by Mr. Abdille identified Mosques and Churches as to be exempted from paying tax.

The mentioning of church in a majority Muslim Somalia outraged Mps present at the regional Parliament in Jowhar the administrative capital.

The lawmakers demanded for the sucking of the Minister and the removal of the clause.

“The clause should be removed totally. And there should be a motion against the Minister,” said MP Mohamud Mohamed, while at a parliamentary debate.

Some of the Mps accused the Minister of colluding with “foreign Christian missionaries” and use the clause to Christianity and build churches in the area in the near future.