Somaliland Bans Valentines As Mogadishu Marks Lovers Day

Somaliland government has banned any activities relating to Valentines Day, Radio Dalsan reports.

The breakaway region´s Religious Affairs Minister told journalists that any person celebrating the day will be prosecuted.

Radio Dalsan´s reporter in Hargeisa says that women have been prohibited to wear red a colour associated with Valentines Day

In Mogadishu top restaurants in the Somali capital advertised Valentine Day offers.

“We are offering a free rose and chocolates for the ladies. There will be live music to entertain our patrons on this special day” Manar Moalin owner of the Posh Treats an upmarket restaurant in Mogadishu said.

Other top restaurants in the Liido beach area have also scheduled Valentine night entertainment.

“We will be going out for night entertainment at Liido with someone special to me. Its a special day for us” 24 yr Hafsa a Mogadishu resident told Radio Dalsan.

In Hamaryweyne district women could be seen buying gifts.

The day is quickly becoming popular with the return of Somali diaspora but a section of the population has criticized it as UnIslamic and western.