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Somalia accuses UAE of destabilising country terms miliatry deal with somaliland illegal

Somalia government has termed a move by  breakaway region Somaliland to allow UAE buld a military base as null and void.

Speaking to journalists in Mogadishu Attorney General NurFarah said UAE had disrespected Somalia’s sovereignty by having a deal with Somaliland without consulting Somali government.

“UAE should review this deal. Somaliland is a region not a country” Nur said.

Abdulqadir Ahmed an analyst says the establishment of the military base would draw Somalia in to the ongoing conflict in Yemen.

“UAE is likely to use the Berbera base as a launching base for attacks on the Houthis in Yemen” Ahmed told Radio Dalsan.

According to analysts UAE had hoped for a Sharmakepresidency and it is more likely that they will move on with their plans to build a military base in  Berbera after the  hope of expanding its interests in Somalia were dashed after the former Premier lost in the elections.

There has been a conflict of interest in Somalia between the two Asian powers Turkey and UAE  with the former already starting to build a military base in Mogadishu.

Somaliland Parliament on Sunday almost unanimously passed a motion to back the establishment of a UAE military on the coastal city of Berbera.