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President Farmajo appoints interim Chief of Staff, Security Advisor, and Chief Protocol

President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmaajo on Thursday appointed three officials as he took over residence at the Villa Somalia.

The new appointments are:

Amb. Ali Fiqi -Interim Chief of Staff

Hussien Moallin Mohamud  Interim National Security Advisor

Siyaad M Shire Interim Chief  Protocol

In a statement released by Villa Somalia Farmaajo said he he would be communicating on further official appointments.

Prior  to this appointment Amb Fiqi served as the Somali ambassador to the European Union based in Brussels. Siyad worked at the Somali Saudi Arabia as a consular.
Hussein was a former security advisor of outgoing President Mohamud

Farmaajo is to be inaugurated on the 22 of February.