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PHOTOS : Newly Wed Throws Bash To Starving Somalis

A newly wed couple on Thursday became an  instant sensation after they chose to do away with a lavish wedding and instead donate to victims of starvation in Galkaacyo.
Liban and his new new wife Aisha dressed in a white bride’s wedding gown mingled with hungry  internally displaced people at a camp outside Galkaacyo that has been home to hundreds of people fleeing starvation caused by the ongoing drought.
The photos of the couple has been making rounds on social media with many Somalis praising the two for their unique way of celebrating their wedding.
Urban  Somali weddings are mainly  characterised by huge expenses in the reception and other wedding expenditure.
Some 6 million people are facing the impact of one of the worst drought in Somalia.
An estimated 300 people have died from starvation in the last one month.
Somalis in Somalia and diaspora have been raising funds to send relief food to those in need.