Minister of Information Opens Editorial Guidelines Training to Somali Journalists

The Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism, Abdirahman Omar Osman “Eng. Yarisow” and the Minister of Women and Human Rights, Deka Yasin Haji Yusuf, have today launched a workshop on editorial guidelines and capacity building for Somali Media. The two-day workshop organized by the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism is attended by journalists representing radio and television stations, regional state media representatives and members of the private media. Minister Eng. Yarisow said that “this is the first workshop of its kind as attended by all media representative from all parts of Somalia.”

The topics covered in this workshop are vital for the building the capacity of Somali Media and Editorial Guidelines is very important in terms of improving the media production accountabilities of journalists to help them serve their communities. “I thank the facilitators, Abdirahman Koronto, a senior advisor at the Ministry of Information and Hussein Jabiri who are both well experienced in training journalists.” said Eng. Yarisow. “I call on the participants to take advantage of this workshop given to them, and convey the message to other journalists who did not have this opportunity.” The minister said. The Minister of Women and Human Rights, Deko Yasin Haji Yusuf said that it is necessary that the media focuses on protecting the rights of the children. “The media must protect the rights of children and should not broadcast information relating to children or their voices without receiving the consent from their parents or guardians.” said the Minister of Women & Human Rights.

Those who spoke at the event ceremony include, Deputy Minister, Abdirahman Iidan Yonis, Director General, Abdirahman Yusuf Omar “Abdalla” and the Director of Training & Capacity Building, who pointed out how important the workshop is and the benefits the media will gain from it. The participants acknowledged the importance of the workshop and said that they will take advantage of this opportunity given to them and will share the knowledge with other media outlets. It is the first time such workshop is held in Somalia by the Ministry of Information to benefit  a wide ranging of media representatives including the regional state journalists. The Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism, H.E Abdirahman Omar Osman (Eng.Yarisow) has finally said that this kind of workshop will continue for all media representative including the private media.