Mayor Thabit Hosts First Mogadishu Vision Public Consultation Meeting

Ministers, Mps, Civil society representatives and district representatives on Sunday were hosted by Mogadishu Mayor Mohamed Thabit for the first public consultation on the development of the capital city and Benaadir region.
The meeting is seeking to gather opinion from the public on a strategic vision that will see the Benaadir region and Mogadishu.


“We hosted a town hall meeting today to listen to our constituents opinions on political representation, and the Mogadishu they want” Mayor Thabit said after the meeting.


“Each district will bring their aspirations on the Mogadishu they want. We will cover social services, economic development, political representation” Thabit added.

The consultation the first of its kind since the civil war erupted in 1991 will go on for weeks ahead.