Large Turn Out In Somaliland Election As Breakaway State Decides Its Next President

People in Somaliland on Monday turned out in large numbers to vote  as the breakaway state decided on who will replace President Ahmed Silanyo.

Voters were seen streaming into  the polling stations as early as 5am in readiness to be part of history.

There are more than 700000 registered voters eligible to vote in 1642 polling stations.

Somaliland will be electing its fifth President.

Polls close at 6pm local time.

The Presidential candidates are: Muse Bihi of the ruling Kulmiye party  a former Interior Minister. Former speaker of Parliament  Abdirahman Irro of opposition Waddani Party and seasoned politician Faysal Ali Warabe of the UCID party veteran politician.

This is the first time in the world that iris scanning biometric is being to avoid multiple voting.