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Its Now Official, UAE to Establish A Military Base in Berbera & Pump $2BN in Investment


A bilateral military base agreement between Somaliland and United Arab Emirates has been signed on Sunday in Abu Dhabi despite earlier protests by Somalia government.


An estimated $2 Billion will be pumped into the economy of the breakaway region that will include the construction of a new airport whose terminal and runway is expected to match the standards that will allow Emirates and Etihad airlines introduce the Berbera route.


Other investments intended at giving the port city of Berbera a new look include construction of hospitals, schools, water wells , dams.



The agreement will also see the construction of a 240 km highway from Berbera to Wajale on the Ethiopian border.


The Somaliland delegation to the UAE was led by Vice President Abdirahman Saylici


Mogadishu which has in the past protested against any agreement between Abu Dhabi and Hargeisa is yet to issue a statement on the new development that is likely to trigger a diplomatic row


Somaliland brokeway from Somalia in 1991 but the latter asserts it still remains its territory hence all bilateral agreements should include Mogadishu