I Will Not Be Cowed, Khaire Tells Off Critics

A tough talking Somali Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire on Wednesday rubbished off criticism that he was acting timid amid an ongoing crisis in the country.

Speaking at the Wish Stadium in Mogadishu at an event to mark National Flag Day Khaire warned his critics and opponents against dismissing his ability to run the office of the Prime Minister.

“I am not a coward. I will not be cowed by anybody and those who doubt my ability I will prove you wrong in the end” he said in an apparent reaction to the just concluded Kismayo meeting which ended on Wednesday with demands tough demands from the regional states leaders.

Khaire was reacting to public opinion among Somalis that he was aloof of the political crisis facing the country.

Somalia has been faced with a political crisis pitting federal member states and the federal government.

The federal government was accused of interfering with the running of regional administrations in a communique issued at the end of the Kismayo meeting.

In the wake of the Galmudug crisis Khaire issued a statement asserting that foreign affairs policies was exclusive to the federal government after the central Somalia region joined Puntland and Hirshabelle to back Saudi led coalition in the Gulf crisis defying Mogadishu’s neutral stance.

An evidently angry Khaire did not mention Kismayo meeting by name but said he would go all the way to prove his critics wrong.