Federal Govt Asked To Keep Off Galmudug Affairs & Consult With Regional States

Leaders of the Federal member states of Somalia have formed a Council Of Presidents that will over see relation between the administrations and the Federal government.

A communiqué issued at the end of the four day meeting in the Jubaland capital Kismayo demanded Mogadishu to consult the Council before announcement on any domestic and foreign policies.

The council is to be headed by Puntland president Abdiweli Gaas assisted by Mohamed Ware of Hirshabelle.

Mogadishu was accused of interference and not consulting the regional states.

The communique cited the article 53 of the constitution that calls for consultation of regional administrations on matters directly affecting them.

The Kismayo meet was clear that the Federal government should have consulted the administrations prior to announcing the neutral stance over the Gulf crisis.


The Article 53 (1) states that the Federal Government shall consult the Federal Member States on negotiations relating to foreign aid, trade, treaties, or other major issues related to international agreement.


The leaders backed embattled Galmudug president Ahmed Haaf and asked the government to keep off interfering in the central Somalia region.


On the constitution review the leaders accused the government of hijacking the process citing the manner in which the Ministry of Justice and Constitution convened a conference that was later to be called off following hue and cry from a section of stakeholders in the review process.

The called for the suspension of all constitution review activities by the ministry and demanded the creation of a commission to oversee the process.

The Kismayo meeting was convened in the face of a growing crisis in Galmudug after region head Ahmed Haaf was impeached over the Gulf crisis by a section of MPs he claimed were sponsored by Mogadishu.