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Daallo plane carring Somali MPs and ministers makes emergency landing in Nairobi

A Daallo plane  made an emergency landing at Nairobi’s JKIA Airport after one of its engined failed.

Kenya security and firefighters rushed at the runaway before the plane landed after it was denied to use the Wajir International Airport.

“Wajir Airport did not allow our plane to land as it is required. We were directed to fly directly to Nairobi” Mohamed Jama a passenger told Radio Dalsan.

Aboard the plane were at least 120 passengers among them 3 ministers 10 Mps 3 Senators  and former Nisa boss.

This is not the first time that the airline has experienced mechanical problems.

“Its time the management of thos airline look at the worthiness and safety of the flights” one of the Mps said.

Last year one of its planes that had the Deputy Mayor of Mogadishu as its passengers almost  crushed
In 2015 an explosion that was carried out by an Alshabaab operative  occured in one of the plane.