Amisom Woos Both Biyamal & Habargidir In A PR Offensive To Dissolve Perceived Collaboration With Clan

The African Union mission in Somalia AMISOM is using sports to promote reconciliation between two conflicting clans in Marka in Lower Shabelle

Amisom found itself under immense pressure and criticism from the Habargidir clan for allegedly supporting rival clan Biyamal.

A series of football matches between the two clans were set up and co-sponsored by Amisom

A project to construct football pitches is underway in a bid to involve the two clans who have fought for years on and according to Amisom the objectives ate being achieved.

The maiden match was between  Marka Ayub football team against El-Jaale football team which ended in a scoreless draw..

The Ugandan Battle Group  is in charge of Marka.

“We undertake such community initiatives as part of our continuous effort to build and sustain relations with the local population that we work with in ensuring security. The football match was made possible because of the relative peace attained in Somalia today, allowing the population to engage in social activities and sports,” Major Robert Kamara, the AMISOM Ugandan Contingent Spokesperson said.

The two clans latest clash was around October 5 .

It remains to be seen how this latest public relations stance  by Amisom will change current perception by one faction over the peacekeepers  role in Marka.