Alshabaab Paid By Foreigners To Kill Me, Abdishakur Says

Former Presidential candidate and Wadajir Party leader Abdirahman Abdishakur Warsame has said his life is in danger from foreign powers

In an interview with a local Somali TV in Mogadishu, politician Warsame claimed that some foreign nations which he declined to name are using militant group Alshabaab, to assassinate him.

“The biggest problem I am worried about is that Alshabaab has been used by countries that I will not mention now. I’m getting very important information from important and credible sources that there is a planned assassination attempt by Alshabaab attack against me. I believe that this is an organized thing,” said Mr Warsame.

Mr. Warsame also expressed fears about the government’s use of the National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) against dissenting voices.

“Not myself only. I fear that the government will use the power of NISA against all politicians who have divergent opinions from those of the government,” he said.

Politician Warsame believes that NISA has lost its good image

“That has now destroyed the image of the NISA agency since the people who were involved in the raid against me were not dismissed, since they were not investigated, since they were not brought to court, since they were not disciplined and are still working and even abducted top members of the party from hotel Makkah Al Mukarama,” Mr Warsame told the media.

“So it’s not us only. I believe that NISA will be used against all the people who hold different opinions from those of the government,” he added.

The politician told the media that the government’s move to silence dissenting voices will come to the media itself unless an action is taken against it.

“Until an action is taken against this which is not only against us, it will also come to you as the media in order to silence the people, independent media and the politicians,” said the politician.

Mr. Warsame criticised Somalia President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo of being silent about the major crises that happened in the country during his first year in office

“The president is the one elected for the country and he should take responsibility for everything that happens in the country,” he said.

Warsame’s Mogadishu home was raided by NISA forces on December 17, 2017, after the Somali federal government has accused him of taking funds from foreign nations to destabilize the country.

Warsame suffered an injury whereas four security officials who were guarding him were killed in the raid.

He faced a treason charge at a Mogadishu court after being in detention for a week but the court had set him free for lack of sufficient evidence against him.