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A Majority Diaspora Cabinet To Be Unveiled

Prime Minister Hassan Khayre is expected to announce his cabinet of ministers on Monday.

According to a source close to the Prime Minister the cabinet has a significant number from the diaspora.

The list is made up of mainly technocrats from the NGO world.

According to the source the ministers who are in the disapora  have been contacted and may be on their way to Somalia by Turkish Airlines.

Following a leak of the shortlisted persons some analyts have criticised  in the past any attempts to have so called “briefcase NGO” heads based in Nairobi and the Somali diaspora from being appointed to the portfolio.

Abdirazak Fartaag the head a former public finance management unit has accused some in the list of running “NGO cartels” with past offences.

Meanwhile the structure of the sharing the top A ministers

Defense: SW 2-Finance: Somaliland 3-Foreign: Galmudug 4-Interior: Puntland  5-Security: Jubbaland