27 Killed In Fighting Between Alshabab and Robow Militia

Authorities in South West State have put the death toll of clashes between AlShabaab and militia loyal to ex AlShabaab leader Mukhtar Robow at 27 .

Alshabaab had launched an attack on Robow’s base in Yabaal village in Bakol region on Wednesday.

According to South West administration 13 Alshabaab fighters and 6 Robow militia were killed in the fighting.

An attack has been on the offing ever since the US removed Robow from a $5M bounty list.

Robow who is one of the founding members of Alshabaab fell apart with the group’s slain leader Ahmed Godane in 2013 forcing him to flee to Bakol region.


South West authorities say talks have been on going with Robow as it seeks to have him defect to the government.

Robow who is said to command 400 militia mainly from his clan Rahanweyn is yet to make a decision on whether to defect to the government.

Officials from Government forces in the region said they would back up Robow militarily if he defected.