200 Khatumo Soldiers Defect To Join Somaliland Army

At least 200 Khatumo State soldiers have joined Somaliland army on Tuesday, Radio Dalsan reports.

Defence Minister Keyse Abdi Yussuf, Information Minister Ahmed Haji Ali and other leaders from the self-appointed Khatumo state attended a ceremony held in Bali’ad town in Somaliland’s Ayn region, to welcome the soldiers.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Yussuf said that the move was achieved through talks with Somaliland.

“The first thing that was achieved was to stop the exchange of gunfire and make peace. Because if there is no peace there will be no talks. Since the start of the talks, there was no fight and you were waiting on where the agreement will end,” Mr Yssuf told the soldiers.

“I really appreciate the government of former President Mohamed Mohamud Silanyo who initiated the talks and his hardworking Ministers such as Mohamud Hashi. I also thank the patient committees from both sides who worked patience and good professional skills,” added Mr. Yussuf.

Somaliland’s Lieutenant Colonel Abdullahi Dere took charge of the soldiers.

This comes barely two days after 160 soldiers have defected Somaliland army to rejoin Puntland.

Both Somaliland and Puntland have had territorial disputes where each claims the ownership of border regions Sool and Sanaag.